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The most comfortable and safe way to menstruate is the new generation menstrual product BiCUP! It prevents leakage and eliminates anxiety.

May your period find its place ♡


What is the difference between BiCUP and other menstrual products?

Unlike tampons and pads, BiCUP collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, thus helping to maintain the natural vaginal flora and PH balance , allowing you to have a comfortable and safe period without allergies, irritation and itching.

100% Medical

For a hygienic and comfortable menstrual experience

It is produced untouched by FDA-approved medical silicone.


Unlike disposable products
It is economical and environmentally friendly with a lifespan of up to 10 years.


In internationally valid accredited laboratories

Tested BiCUP has proven to be antiallergic.

You Are Freer Now!

Put aside your worries about doing sports, swimming, traveling and all the activities that are avoided during menstruation.
You can freely do whatever activity you want and wear whatever you want.
Forget everything that limits you.

No Bad Smell

We all know that distinctive smell during menstruation. When using pads or tampons, menstrual blood comes into contact with air and an odor occurs as a result of oxidation. When the BiCUP Menstrual Cup is placed towards the vaginal canal, it creates a slight vacuum, cutting off the contact of blood with air. This vacuum allows you to have an odor-free and hygienic period.

Women after meeting BiCUP

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Tesekkurler  ♥

Kadın Eğitmen

Thank you very much. I used medium size this month. On my busiest day, I was out all day. No leaks or stains. I had such a comfortable menstrual period...

Kadının Push Up yapması

There is no smell or leakage. Comfortable at night, comfortable during the day, swim in the sea, jump around... What more can I say... Thank you BiCUP!

Kadın Making Yüzler

As you become familiar with your anatomical structure after a while, your comfort in using this product increases.

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