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Which BiCUP is right for you?
Small: Young girls who have not given birth,
Medium: Women who did not give birth normally,
Large: Women who have given birth normally can prefer it.

BiCUP Small Menstrual Cup and Microwave Sterilization Box

₺849.00 Regular Price
₺722.00Sale Price
  • Let BiCUP find its period ♡
    It is the first and only menstrual cup produced in Turkey with international quality certificates.
    It is produced untouched by FDA-approved 100% medical silicone.
    It does not contain BPA, Latex, Toxins, Bleach and Colourants.
    It is vegan and antiallergic.
    It is economical with a lifespan of up to 10 years.
    It offers the opportunity to sterilize without the need for boiling with the Sterilization Container specially produced for BiCUP.


    • Wash your hands and sterilize the BiCUP.
    • Fold it and insert it into the vaginal canal.
    • Check the vacuum effect.
    • Empty it every 12 hours, clean it with just water and reinsert it.
    • Sterilize when your period is over.
    • Keep it in a dry and cool place until your next menstrual period.

    Click on the link for detailed usage information:

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