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Pippet's Story ♡
Pippet's story began with a kitten and an adult human with allergies. Therefore, instead of telling you about our high technology, miraculous probiotics, vision and mission, company and brand, we will tell you about where our story begins.

On a rainy and cold day in 2014, an adult finds a soaked, hungry and injured kitten. The cat is in a very difficult situation, the person who finds it will definitely take it from there, but there is another adult with severe allergies in the house.
First of all, he takes the kitten to the veterinarian, but the cat's condition is not good.
One of his legs is beyond saving. Necessary operations and treatments are performed, but no home can be found for the puppy.
The adult cannot take the kitten home because there is a severely allergic adult in the house. He can't leave it on the street because it's winter,
And now the kitten has 3 legs. He can't live outside.

Inventions arise from needs :)
Since we have the puppy, they say let's find a solution to allergies, and after research and development, here comes Pippet ♡
Since 2015, the 3-legged pup and the adult with allergies still live together under the same roof. No allergies because there is Pippet.

That's the story :)


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